Washington Report

Washington Report

Web site: https://www.wrmea.org

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a 76-page magazine published 8 times per year in Washington, DC, that focuses on news and analysis from and about the Middle East and U.S. policy in that region.

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, is published by the American Educational Trust (AET), a non-profit foundation incorporated in Washington, DC by retired U.S. foreign service officers to provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states.

AET's Foreign Policy Committee has included former U.S. ambassadors, government officials, and members of Congress, including the late Democratic Senator J. William Fulbright, and Republican Senator Charles Percy, both former chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Members of AET's Board of Directors and advisory committees receive no fees for their services.

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs does not take partisan domestic political positions. As a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli dispute, it endorses U.N. Security Council Resolution 242´s land-for-peace formula, supported by seven successive U.S. presidents. In general, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, supports Middle East solutions which it judges to be consistent with the charter of the United Nations and traditional American support for human rights, self-determination, and fair play.

Material from the printed version of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and from this Web site, may be reprinted without charge as long as articles are not changed in any way and are credited to the author and the magazine. [This release does not apply to any of the photographs or graphic designs in the printed magazine or this Web site.]


20 January 2018